About us

Bray Capital is a supportive lead investor, with a strong preference for owner-managed businesses. We love working with inspirational entrepreneurs, with an innovative product or service, backed up by a strong management team with an effective plan.

Our mission is to invest, inspire, support and build great companies, whilst giving something back to our worldwide community during the process.

Seeking investment can seem a daunting task, particularly if you are approaching it for the first time. Our Business Managers and Directors have owned, run, worked in and invested in companies going through the investment process and seen many business plans. As a result you may find our Business Plan Guidance useful in presenting your business in the best way to attract investment.

We have used our skills, experience and capital to help our investees companies expand and grow and if you are interested in seeking investment, then please complete our Online Application Form, in the first stage.

Who do we invest in?

We are looking for companies that can achieve profitability in a reasonable amount of time, led by passionate and driven entrepreneurs. It is important that you have a good business plan that shows where you want to go and how you will get there.

We have a wide scope and are interested in start-up or growing businesses, including those requiring seed capital, second or third round technology propositions and invention opportunities or special projects. We are open to the type of business, from innovation or technology oriented companies to service and asset-based businesses.

Generally, but not exclusively, we focus on companies with the following characteristics:

  • Mid to late stage – proven concept/technology • Disruptive technologies and business models
  • Revenue generating
  • Experienced management teams
  • Rapid and explosive growth potential

We will invest in both minority and majority transactions and focus on working with excellent management teams.

If that’s you, then we look forward to hearing from you.

What do we offer?

Typically, we look to invest between £100,000 to £1million. We are not a bank and providing financial support is only a part of what we do. We are involved with our investee companies at board level, providing advice on a strategic level when required, with the ultimate aim being to realise the full potential of the business and its management team.

We have a diverse range of professional backgrounds and between us have many years of investing, creating and running successful businesses, thus enabling them to create value. Managing a relatively small portfolio, we are able to offer advice and support in areas such as international expansion, acquisitions, re-financing and exit. Our investee companies benefit greatly from our experience.