Our Ethos

As part of our corporate social responsibility, Bray Capital feels passionately about ensuring that we have a positive effect on the world around us. We aim to work within a culture of fairness and integrity that values our staff, customers, colleagues and stakeholders, our local and world- wide community and our planet.

The Environment

Bray Capital is a carbon neutral company that contributes towards environmental projects, to ensure that running our business has the minimum impact on the environment. We work with all our investee companies to reduce their carbon footprint and to raise awareness in this area, if needed.

We have chosen to offset our Carbon Emissions to the Kasigau Corridor Project, in Kenya.

We chose this project because of the multi faceted support the carbon money provided to the local community.

In supporting the protection of 500,000 acres of dryland forest, we are simultaneously supporting the conservation of a vital wildlife migration corridor for endangered animals, creating local jobs, education, water access and tree planting.

Over 50,000 trees are planted each year. This project makes it more worthwhile for the local people to protect and maintain the forest than to destroy it.


We are proud to be a capital investor but recognise that profit in not everything. We believe in a balanced view of life where good things can be achieved through success in business both within and outside of our areas of business. That’s why we work with charities and every time we make an investment, we make a contribution to a worthwhile charity, so that when we benefit, people in need of our help outside the business community benefit too. When we sell an investment, we also make a contribution to charity from any profits made. We also encourage our investee companies to pledge a percentage of future profits to their chosen charities.

Here are some of the charities that we support:

The Amy Biehl Foundation www.amybiehl.org

Aid for Samburu www.aidforsamburu.org.uk