Shay O’Brien Shay O’Brien Director

Shay O’Brien - Director

With over 25 years experience of running successful businesses, Shay’s talent for spotting the potential in new companies and evaluating the risk, led him to set up Bray Capital with Brady Collins in 2011.

He was the founding partner and Managing Director of NSA (IR.BE.NL.UK) from 1996, which handled sales and distribution of nutritional products, in seven European countries, building a strong and profitable business. This was sold to NSA International LLC in 2014. Shay remains a shareholder of NSA International LLC.

Shay was also a founding investor and Director of Primedia Ltd from 1998 to 2011. He helped to build the company until the Carlyle Group invested into the business in 2006, valuing at €76M after a €15M investment. It was then re-branded as Global Media GMBH and was subsequently sold to in 2010 and floated on the Dutch stock market for over €200M. He is also a founding investor and main board director of Skybike, helping to guide the Business from a pre start-up concept to successful aircraft manufacturer.

 Shay works with Bray Capital’s portfolio of companies with a particular focus on strategic direction, building strong management teams and international trading.

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